Volvo wants to provide online shopping to your automobile

Anyone who’s ever sat at home awaiting a package to be provided knows exactly what a pain it can be. It would be a lot more hassle-free if you could go about your day and your package could be delivered to your vehicle right?

If you responded to yes to that question, you re obviously on the exact same wavelength as the bigwigs at Volvo. The Swedish car maker today revealed a collaboration with Swedish start-up urb-it, which it asserts will allow for in-car shipment of online shopping in under two hours.

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Cheaper properties in London may face greater downward pressure

EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) credit and debit cards have finally seen widespread adoption in the USA, at least on the consumer side, with 70% of people now owning one. America is still in the shift phase towards universal adoption of chip cards, especially provided that a large number of sellers still put on to accept them, however is nonetheless making steady progress i will make sure .

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5 online fashion shopping tricks you need to know

Personally, I've always favored the pleasure principle of a shop-bought piece over a grueling trawl through the plethora of products and info offered by the 24-hour world wide web.

Online shopping appeared to drain the color from the whole process, and I 'd miss out on the excitement of turning over my card to a useful store assistant and leaving swinging a nice bag. Recently a shift has taken place: a handful of style sites being talked about - by style desks to the Front Row - have shown to be overall game-changers for me, changing the method I shop and even how I dress. You may not have become aware of them (yet), however they will be your new preferred fashion good friends.


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